My Dad, who's been suffering with severe back pain for the past several years, just got a neurostimulator implanted along his spinal cord yesterday. For the time being, he has wires sticking out from his back and controls electrical impulses to his back and spine with a wired remote. However, after the initial trial period, he can get a fully internal apparatus which is controlled with a wireless remote (the internal batteries are said to last around 9 years). So far, he says the results are good, and hopefully this will allow him to depend less on pain medication. Dad's been having a rough time with his back for awhile now, and I really hope this helps in even the slightest way to alleviate his pain.

I remember hearing about these devices several years ago on the news as an upcoming technology, and I'm amazed that Dad's doctor was able to get his hands on one this soon. In a way, also, I'm a little jealous - I wsh they would hurry up with the iPhone headset implants (and I'm only half joking).